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Welcome to Maharani Spices. It all began many many years, when 1 man set out in pursuit of the perfect combination of herbs and spices, to enhance the flavour of any meat or vegetable and bring an exclusively unique flavour to any dish.

Raw Spices

Natural ingredients with bursting flavour to make the kitchen dishes memorable and fun.
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Whether you are a catarer, a connoisseur or a kitchen warrior, MAHARANI BIRYANI SPICE is going to make that Sunday meal more wholesome and definitely more delicious than ever before. ONCE YOU TASTE IT, YOU WILL KNOW!!!

Maharani Spices

Maharani spice is a garden of magical ingredients which have been fused together to give you a promise of quality flavour nutrition for our greatest investment which is OUR HEALTH, THE TRUE WEALTH. - ONCE YOU TASTE IT, YOU WILL KNOW!!!